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Who has worked at Ignite - Turning Energy into Income

Position at Ignite - Turning Energy into Income Previous work at
Alexander Cole
Andy Parke
Managing Director
Anne Martinez
Independent AssociateSince Jan 2011
Philadelphia Housing AuthorityCommunications Manager Nov 2004 - Feb 2010
Ashley Suschin
DirectorSince Nov 2011
Make-A-Wish FoundationWish Coordinator Since Oct 2011
Bennie Swist
Independent AssociateSince Jun 2010
Bobby Moreland
IASince May 2010
sun roofingestimator Since May 2006
Brenda Frazier
directorSince Oct 2011
Allegheny CountyCounty Council member 2001 - 2008
Brett Lyles
Buddy Dunn
Independant AssociateSince Aug 2010
Calvin Brown
Sales AssociateSince Oct 2011
Carol Scavo
Independent AssociateSince Apr 2011
Carrie Bracken
DirectorSince Aug 2010
Carrie Jones
Independent Sales RepSince 2009
Creative ImprintsOwner Since 2006
Charles Redmond
DirectorSince Nov 2011
CablevisionRFM Services Inc Since Jul 2008
Chris Spence
Independent AssociateSince Jul 2009
Cliff Womack
Senior DirectorSince Dec 2008
Clifford Williams
Senior DirectorSince Jul 2007
Coach Bear
SalesSince Jun 2010
SPI TourneyGofer 2005 - 2011
Collin Cole
Business Owner & Energy AdvisorSince Aug 2010
US FoodserviceTerritory Manager Since Aug 2009
Craig Hench
Managing DirectorSince Nov 2010
Olde Forge Builders Inc.President Since Feb 2003
Crystal Jackson
DiretorSince Dec 2011
Temple University HospitalMa Since Dec 2001
Danalynn Volpe
Managing DirectorSince Jan 2011
Genuardi's Family MarketsPharmacist Since 2005
Daniel Becker
Independent AssociateSince Nov 2010
Daniel BeckerSole Proprietor Since Mar 2008
Daniel Cardenas
Managing director
Danita Asbury
AssociateSince Dec 2010
Delaware County Children & Youth ServicesCasework Supervisor for Foster Care Since Aug 1997
Darleane Zelazny
AssociateSince Mar 2011
Mary Kay Inc.Mary Kay Consultant Since Apr 2005
Darlene Curlee
Managing Director
Darrell Middleton
Managing DirectorSince May 2006
IgniteManaging Director Since May 2006
Darryl Martin
Darryl Woodruff
Senior DirectorSince Oct 2006
David Roberts
DIRECTORSince Nov 2011
MetrocallAccount Rep 2001 - 2010
David Stump
DirectorSince Feb 2012
Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation AuthorityAssistant Director of Maintenance Since Jan 1997
Dawn Biesecker
Energy BrokerSince Nov 2010
Security Trust CompanyPresident Jun 2005 - Jan 2009
Dawn Kenward
DirectorSince Oct 2008
Home-based Creative Memories BusinessConsultant Since Feb 1997
Deb Lowe
Managing DirectorSince Mar 2010
Debbie Belcher
AssociateSince Aug 2011
Debra Leger-Jordan
DirectorSince Jun 2011
Harris County Public Infrastructure Department - A&EProgram Manager - Platting Section Mar 2008 - May 2012
Debra Moresi
Managing DirectorSince Feb 2011
Dekat Investments LLCOwner/President Since Jan 2010
Dee Van Meer
Dee Van MeerSince Feb 2010
DirectorSince Feb 2010
Ignite Turning Energy Into IncomeDirector Since Feb 2010
Denny Wonsick
Independent AssociateSince Jan 2011
Train Yard Gym & FitnessOwner Since Apr 2001
Dion Fletcher
DirectorSince Jan 2010
D&J ConstructionEstimator Apr 2010 - Nov 2011
Dolores Nash
Managing DirectrorSince Dec 2010
Domenic Marcellino
Managing DirectorSince Nov 2010
Don Leavings
Senior DirectorSince Feb 2006
Leavings Concrete Co.Owner Since Oct 1969
Donna Smith
Managing DirectorSince Aug 2008
Giles R. Smith, Inc.Co-Owner Since 1974
Dorene Gorsuch
Independent RepresentativeSince Aug 2011
Lehigh Valley Spinal CareChiropractic Assistant Since Jul 2009
Doris Ralls
Dwayne Robinson
Independent Associate
Een Young
DirectorSince Jun 2009
Spencer PropertiesReal Estate Agent Since Dec 2008
Ellis Lamme
Senior DirectorSince Aug 2009
McFarland Dyer & Associates IncLand Planner Apr 1996 - Sep 2008
Eric Brooks
The Answer You're Looking ForSince Jun 2011
Gary Smith
Managing Director
Wyeth PharmaceuticalsAdministrative Feb 1999 - Nov 2010
Gene Shine
Senior DirectorSince Mar 2007
Sheldon ISDEducator Aug 1971 - May 2002
Gloria Tyrell
Ignite Independent Associate, DirectorSince Mar 2011
Mary Kay Independent ConsultantBeauty Consultant Oct 2006 - 2012
Grant Stubbins
Independent AssociateSince Oct 2010
Guienda Weidig
Independent AssociateSince Apr 2006
Jane Moore
Independent AssociateSince Jul 2010
Church of the Good Shepherd United Methodist ChurchAdmin Since Nov 2005
Jannet Hiles
DirectorSince 2006
Jay Buhl
independent associateSince 2009
STMicroelectronicsadvanced mfg specialist Apr 2004 - May 2009
Jeff Anderson
Senior DirectorSince Sep 2009
anderson weldswelder Since Oct 2007
Jennifer Guerrero
Independent AssociateSince May 2008
American Cancer SocietyBilingual Cancer Information Specialist Jul 2007 - Jun 2010
Jennifer Moran
Executive DirectorSince Jul 2006
Jeremy Curtis
DirectorSince May 2009
DirectorSince Apr 2009
Ignite - Turning Energy into IncomeDirector Since Apr 2009
Jeri Haid
Independent Associate/Managing DirectorSince Mar 2009
Ignite - Turning Energy into IncomeIndependent Associate/Managing Director Since Mar 2009
Jessica Watson
Senior DirectorSince Dec 2010
Jim Campbell
DirectorSince Mar 2011
Jim Davies
Independent AssociateSince Jan 2011
Renovation Station GroupOwner Since 2006
Jimmy Carter
DirectorSince Jul 2010
Ceramic Performance (Cerbond)Distributor Since Jul 2010
Joseph Miller
DirectorSince Nov 2011
Judy Mcgarity
Associate DirectorSince Dec 2010
Ignite Natural GasAssociate Director 2010 - 2012
Julie Cox
DirectorSince Mar 2009
Keller Williams Realty - Greater Atlanta AreaRealtor Since Nov 2007
Kathy Jones
Managing DirectorSince Nov 2010
Kerrie Saeger
Independent AssociateSince Oct 2008
Houston Capital MortgageCertified Mortgage Planning Specialist Feb 2009 - Apr 2010
Kerry Sugg
Senior DirectorSince Sep 2008
Kevin Beecher
Kevin Burnett
DirectorSince Mar 2011
Tech USAJr. technician 2003 - 2003
Kevin Howard
Independent AssociateSince Aug 2011
Flying Cloud Money ManagementOwner Since 2002
Kim Baley
Managing DirectorSince Jul 2007
TexasLending.comSecondary Marketing & Office Manager Aug 2002 - Jul 2010
Kristi Millard
Director for IgniteSince Mar 2011
Kristin White
DirectorSince Sep 2011
Lareca Whitfield
Independent Associate/Senior DirectorSince Oct 2010
Latonia Williams
Sr. DirectorSince Dec 2008
CitiQuality Analyst Since Aug 2004
Lauren Castleberry
Managing DirectorSince Aug 2007
Mansfield ISDTeacher, Administrative Intern Since Jan 2001
Lee Cochran
Senior DirectorSince Apr 2008
Lisa Hopper
Managing DirectorSince Aug 2006
AssisTempOwner Since Jun 2006
Lisa Mitchell
Independent AssociateSince Nov 2011
4Ever GirlfriendsPresident & CEO Since Aug 2010
Loraine Myers
AssociateSince Feb 2011
Lucille Luzares
Independent Associate/Senior DirectorSince Nov 2011
1 Heart Home Health CarePartner May 2011 - Jan 2012
Luis Solomon
DirectorSince Mar 2011
Margaret Murphy
Managing directorSince Apr 2011
UHSNursing Supervisor Since Mar 2009
Margot De Los Santos
Independent AssociateSince Jul 2005
Classic IndustriesAccounts Receivable May 2006 - Sep 2011
Margot De Los Santos
Independent AssociateSince Jul 2005
Classic IndustriesAccounts Receivable May 2006 - 2010
Mary Cole
Managing DirectorSince Mar 2005
Mary Ellen Terry
Managing DirectorSince Feb 2009
Maureen Shilling
DirectorSince Dec 2010
Melissa Castillo
Independent business ownerSince Jan 2011
Wal-MartPhoto Specialist Sep 1994 - Sep 2005
Mica Arnett
Independent AssociateSince May 2010
Ignite - Turning Energy into IncomeIndependent Associate Since May 2010
Michelle Evely
DirectorSince 2011
Mitzi Curtis
DirectorSince Apr 2009
Neal Mclaughlin
Managing Director
Nicole Muschett
Independent MarketerSince 2011
Dr. Nicole Muschett, DCOwner Since Jan 2007
Pam Janaski
DirectorSince Mar 2011
Market AmericaUnfranchise Owner Since Oct 2002
Patricia Sevier
DirectorSince Jan 2008
MMTSales Assistant Jan 1986 - May 2009
Patti Jackson
Independent AssociateSince Mar 2011
Paul Hagan
Independent Bussiness AssociateSince Dec 2008
LPH Enterprises, LLCVice President Since Jan 2003
Paul Magnuson
Pete Leyba
DirectorSince May 2007
Rachel Gregory
Rick Menchaca
Marketing Associate
Rivka Goldman
Independent AssociateSince Jan 2011
Jewish Family & Children's Service of Greater PhiladelphiaSecretary Since Sep 2009
Robert Caskey
DirectorSince Jan 2010
CASKEY ENTERPRISESMr Sep 2009 - Mar 2010
Robert Perkins
AssociateSince Jan 2011
EBAA IRON. INC.Supervisors/Maint. , Power Coating Since Jun 1989
Roger Kummerer
Managing DirectorSince Dec 2010
Ron Drummonds
Roselia Trevino
associateSince Aug 2009
freelifemarketing executive Since Jul 2009
Russell Evans
DirectorSince Oct 2011
Primerica Financial ServicesSenior Rep/Recruiter Since Oct 2007
Samuel Richey
DirectorSince Mar 2007
trymarkDirector 2007 - 2011
Sandy Duncan
Senior DirectorSince 2012
SigmaTron InternationalQuality Director Since May 2003
Scott Clearfield
Homeowners Counseling Mortgage ServicesConsultant Since Feb 2011
Scott Hanson
Sheila Bell-Thomas
Senior DirectorSince Nov 2010
Sheryl Mcferren
AssociateSince Jul 2010
Piney Creek CandlesOwner Since Jan 2000
Steven Clymer
Independent AssociateSince Jan 2011
The Judge GroupOperations Supervisor Since Nov 2005
Sue Anderson
Executive DirectorSince 2011
Languages Around the WorldOwner Since 1995
Tamika Bledson
Director in my own businessSince Oct 2011
Ty Toth
Senior DirectorSince Mar 2007
Vigdis Westberg
associate energy consultantSince Jul 2010
Walid Kbaier
WorkSince Jul 2010
William Penny
OwnerSince Nov 2010
Pathmark Stores, Inc.Frozen Manager Since Nov 1978
Wyatt Haag
direct care

Former Employees

Position at Ignite - Turning Energy into Income Next work at
Alvaro Parra
DirectorSince Jan 2011
Merck and CompSupervisor
Andrew Snell
Senior DirectorSince Feb 2011
Timberpoint LLCPartner Since Jan 2009
Bruce Behmke
Managing DirectorSince Nov 2011
Bruce Cafeowner Since Mar 2007
Cheryl Feliciano
Managing DirectorSince Nov 2010
Cardinal CameraOperations Since Jun 2012
Cindy Carlisi
Independent Business OwnerSince Jan 2012
KDJ Consultants IncContractor Since Jan 2013
Dan Kenney
Managing DirectorSince Feb 2011
Kenney's Madison TavernOwner
David Lau
Marketing DirectorSince Nov 2010
Prestige Restaurant Equipment & SupplyOwner Since Mar 2011
Donna Mignon
Independent AssociateSince May 2010
Arbonne InternationalIndependent Consultant Since Sep 2011
Errin Coates
DirectorSince 2011
Amway GlobalIndependent Business Owner Since 2011
Fred Weidig
associateSep 2007 - Feb 2011
Greg Baldwin
Managing DirectorSince Feb 2009
McKesson Provider TechnologiesManager, Interface Development
Jackie Douglas
AssociateSince Jun 2010
Employers Insurance GroupUnderwriting Assistant Since Aug 2010
Jennifer Rivas
Independent AssociateSince Jan 2011
Jim Reddy
Managing DirectorSince Dec 2010
ATI MetalsTechnical Sales Engineer Since Nov 2012
Joann Sheaffer
Managing DirectorSince Feb 2011
Sheaffer Group LLCmedicare ins.agent
John Byrne
AsscociateSince Jan 2011
Phynrye Construction LLc.Owner
Jonathan Herridge
DirectorSince 2011
HP Enterprise ServicesServices Information Developer Since Feb 2012
Kristin Burkholder
AssociateSince Jan 2011
Mary Kay Inc.Independent Beauty Consultant Since Jul 2010
Kristin Rhodes
AssociateSince Jan 2011
Mary Kay Inc.Independent Beauty Consultant Since Jul 2010
Lynne Rybak
Independent Associate - Independent ConsultantSince Mar 2011
Capital BankFunding Underwriter Since Nov 2011
Mark Spackman
Senior DirectorSince Jun 2008
Dakota EnterprisesArea Supervisor
Melvin Farrell
Executive DirectorSince Aug 2005
Wise Ready MixSales
Michael Laden
DirectorSince Nov 2011
TDHead Teller Since Jan 2013
Mike Davis
Independent AssociateSince Aug 2008
Sakai America Mfg. Inc.Production Control Mgr.
Na'eem Sultan
DirectorSince Mar 2011
Nancie Wilson
DirectorSince Oct 2011
Scentsy, Inc.Consultant Since Nov 2011
Nancy Howell
DirectorSince 2012
Solutions By DesignOwner
Nic Hoover
DirectorSince Feb 2005
Oplink.netAccount Manager / Systems Administrator
Nick Sughroue
Managing DirectorSince Jan 2007
Hillenbrand Inc.Logistics Manager Since Feb 2012
Nickd Boyett
Managing Director Nick BoyettSince 2006
Proelectric.igniteinc.bizOwner Since Sep 2007
Richard Dickerson
DirectorSince Jan 2010
Huitt-Zollars, Inc.Electrical Discipline Lead Since Oct 2001
Rolando Delagarza
DirectorSince Mar 2012
Department of Veterans AffairsIT Specialist Since Jun 2012
Sarabeth Swagerty
Senior DirectorSince Aug 2005
SaraBeth Swagerty MusicCEO Since Jun 2009
Sherrill Hammond
Managing DirectorSince Jul 2009
Fort Dearborn CompanyHR Manager
Stephanie Shelton
Independent AssociateSince Apr 2010
School Apparel, Inc.Administrative Clerk Since May 2011
Susan Britt
DirectorSince 2010
CROSSMARKRetail Manager Philadelphia Market Since 2010
Tempestt S
DirectorSince Jul 2011
Without An Umbrella MinistriesExecutive Assistant Since Mar 2012
Todd Jones
DirectorSince Dec 2010
Weichert Realtors - Hibble & AssociatesAssociate Broker Since Nov 2010
Travis Posey
Managing DirectorSince Feb 2010
Hudson Products CorpMfg Performance Measurements Since Mar 2010
Yvonne Kirks
DirectorSince Mar 2011
YTB Travel NetworkOwner
This is my Business