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Business Directory of Vermont. Town Of Waitsfield ...

Industry:Architecture & Planning, Local Executive Office, Court, General Government

Phone:(802) 496-2218

Description:Town Of Waitsfield is an Architecture and Planning company located in 9 Bridge St, Waitsfield, Vermont, United States.

Members (9):Sandy Gollup (Treasurer, Clerk)
Allen Gaylord (Selectman)
Roy Hadden (Selectman)
Valerie Capels (Principal)
Elwin Neill (Chairman of the Board)

Categories:Government Offices

Additional:Borough Offices, City, City Courts

Waterbury, VT

Industry:Fire Protection, Executive Office, Urban/Community Development, Public Finance/Taxation/Monetary Policy, Police Protection, ...

Doing business as:Waterbury Public Library,

Phone:(802) 244-1012, (802) 244-5858, (802) 244-1013, (802) 244-7567, (802) 244-7033, (802) 244-7036

Description:Since its charter in 1763, Waterbury's history has been chronicled, celebrated, and remembered. The Waterbury Historical Society maintains the community's historical archives and has published books...

Addresses:43 S Main St, Waterbury, VT 05676
51 S Main St, Waterbury, VT 05676
28 N Main St, Waterbury, VT 05676

Members (11):Gary Dillon (Branch Manager)
Steve Lotspeich (Director)
William Shepluk (Manager, Principal)
Lee Viens (Manager)
Chad Ummel (Director)

Categories:Government Offices

Tinmouth, VT

Industry:Fire District, Fire Protection

Phone:(802) 446-2964, (802) 446-2872

Addresses:75 School St, Tinmouth, VT 05773
PO Box 87, Tinmouth, VT 05773

Members (3):Christine O'gorman (Manager, inactive)
Stephanie Biagini (Manager, inactive)
Jeffrey Duchesne (Chief, inactive)

Categories:Government Offices

Products:Emergency & Threat Preparedness, Passports, Property Taxes, Vehicle Registration, Voter Registration

Additional:Borough Offices, City, City Courts

Walden, VT

Industry:Consumer Goods, Fire Protection, Executive Office, Town Government

Phone:(802) 563-2393, (802) 563-2220

Description:Town of Walden is a Consumer Goods company located in 12 VT Route 215, West Danville, VT, United States.

Addresses:12 Vt Route 215, West Danville, VT 05873
4704 Vt Route 15, Walden, VT 05873

Members (4):Daniel Lamont (Chairman)
Lina Smith (Manager)
Chris Bissell (Chief, inactive)
Paul Greaves (Chief, inactive)

Potash Point, VT

Industry:Legal Services, Executive Office

Phone:(802) 877-3641

Description:Town Of Waltham is a Legal Services company located in P.O. Box 175, Vergennes, Vermont, United States.

Addresses:PO Box 175, Vergennes, VT 05491
2053 Maple St, Potash Point, VT 05491

Member:Mary Kinson (Chairman of the Board)

Underhill Center, VT

Industry:Court, Executive Office

Phone:(802) 899-4434, (802) 899-2137 (Fax)

Description:Early Settlement: The earliest settlers in Underhill proper arrived the following spring of 1786. Their lots encompassed the gateway area we now call the Flats. More folks gradually filtered in and...

Addresses:12 Plesant Valley Rd, Underhill Center, VT 05490
PO Box 32, Underhill Center, VT 05490

Members (3):Cherrie Morin (Principal)
Mark Maheux (Chairman)
Pam Shover (Manager, inactive)

Categories:County Government Offices, Local Government Offices

Vernon, VT

Industry:Police Protection, Town Government, Executive Office, Amusement/Recreation Services

Phone:(802) 257-2638, (802) 257-0292, (802) 254-9251, (802) 254-3561 (Fax)

Addresses:567 Governor Hunt Rd, Vernon, VT 05354
PO Box 63, Vernon, VT 05354
381 Governor Hunt Rd, Vernon, VT 05354
PO Box 56, Vernon, VT 05354

Members (8):Sandra B. Harris (Administration, Town Clerk)
Mary B. Hebert (Chief)
Vernon Police (Chief Mb Hebert)
Seth Deyo (Director)
Douglas Fletcher (Chairman, inactive)

Categories:Government Offices

Additional:Borough Offices, City, City Courts

Warren, VT

Industry:Municipality, Fire Protection, Executive Office

Phone:(802) 496-2709, (802) 496-2281

Addresses:PO Box 337, Warren, VT 05674
42 Cemetary Rd, Warren, VT 05674

Members (5):Barry Simpson (Chairman)
Reta Goss (Principal, Director)
Mary Butler (Treasurer)
Alan Hartshorn (Chief)
Michele Eid (Treasurer)

Washingtn, VT

Industry:Law Enforcement, Executive Office

Phone:(802) 883-2218

Description:Town of Washington is a Law Enforcement company located in 2974 VT Rt 110, Washington, Vermont, United States.

Addresses:2974 Vt Rt 110, Washington, VT 05675
2974 Vt Route 110, Washingtn, VT 05675

Members (2):Carol Davis (Clerk)
Susette Bollard (Principal, inactive)

2777 St George Rd, Saint George, VT 05495

Industry:General Government

Phone:(802) 879-7931

Member:William Sheets (Manager)

Categories:County Government Offices, Local Government Offices

Granby Valley, VT

Industry:Executive Office

Phone:(802) 328-2400

Addresses:1016 River Rd, Granby Valley, VT 05858
PO Box 609, Granby Valley, VT 05858
Granby Valley, VT 05858

Members (2):Ellie Finkle (Manager, Branch Manager)
Ruth Neborsky (Manager)

6894 Vt Route 113, Vershire, VT 05079

Industry:Executive Office

Phone:(802) 685-2227

Member:Gene Craft (Manager)

Vernon, VT

Industry:Regulation/Administrative Transportation, Fire Protection, Public Order/Safety

Phone:(802) 254-9428, (802) 254-2425

Addresses:2842 Fort Bridgman Rd, Vernon, VT 05354
PO Box 116, Vernon, VT 05354
2842 Fort Beiegman Rd, Vernon, VT 05354

Members (2):David Walker (Director)
Terry Parker (Chief, Manager, inactive)

Lower Waterford, VT

Industry:Fire Department, Fire Protection

Phone:(802) 748-4978

Addresses:2661 Duck Pond Rd, Lower Waterford, VT 05848
PO Box 90, Lower Waterford, VT 05848

Members (8):Bill Vinton (Chief)
Michael Sieja (President)
Shelly Booth (Probation Officer)
Mary Ginter (Technical Recruiter)
Bill Fritz (Director)

Belvidere Center, VT

Industry:Executive Office

Phone:(802) 644-8865

Addresses:850 Vt Route 109, Belvidere Center, VT 05492
PO Box 31, Belvidere Center, VT 05492

Member:Nancy Larose (Administration, inactive)

Ascutney, VT

Industry:Executive Office, Police Protection

Phone:(802) 674-2626

Addresses:Rr 5, Ascutney, VT 05030
PO Box 550, Ascutney, VT 05030

Members (3):Richard Brown (Principal)
Steve Hyer (Treasurer)
Flo-Ann Dango (Town Clerk, inactive)

Wells, VT

Industry:Executive Office

Phone:(802) 645-0486

Addresses:PO Box 585, Wells, VT 05774
108 Route 30, Wells, VT 05774

Member:Katharine Bergen (Treasurer)

Lower Waterford, VT

Industry:Town Government

Addresses:532 Maple St, Lower Waterford, VT 05848
PO Box 56, Lower Waterford, VT 05848

Member:Joanne Jurentkuff (Treasurer)

3414 Vt Route 109, Belvidere Center, VT 05492

Industry:Elementary/Secondary School

Members (3):Debra Taylor (Superintendent)
Marilyn Frederick (Chief Financial Officer)
Donald Schnider (Owner, inactive)

Wells, VT 05774

Categories:County Government Offices, Local Government Offices

Phone:(802) 645-0386

Additional:Borough Offices, City, City Courts

2895 Route 110, Washingtn, VT 05675

Industry:Executive Office

Member:Carol Davis (Treasurer, inactive)