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"ADJUSTO-FLO" (trademark) (inactive)

Registration:Nov 24, 1965

State ID:72233271

Reg. number:0825602

Status:900 - expired

Status date:Jun 14, 1987


Goods & Services:Volume control valves for faucets and valve fittings therefor, Adjusto-flow

Owner:Milwaukee Faucets, Inc

"ADJUS-TO-WALL" (trademark) (inactive)

Registration:Jun 5, 1969

State ID:72329280

Reg. number:0895326

Status:900 - expired

Status date:Nov 4, 1992


Goods & Services:Fixture support for off-the-wall water closets

Owner:Jay R. Smith Mfg. Co, P. O. Box 727

ADJUSTON (trademark) (inactive)

Registration:Sep 17, 1963

State ID:72177197

Reg. number:0789695

Status:900 - expired

Status date:Aug 18, 1985


Goods & Services:Men's underwear, slacks, shorts and sport shirts; women's lingerie blouses, dresses, slacks and shorts; boys' underwear, slacks, shirts and walking shorts; girls' lingerie, blouses, dresses, slacks,...

Owner:Stone Manufacturing Company

ADJUSTREE (trademark) (inactive)

Registration:Jul 25, 1990

State ID:74081661

Status:602 - abandoned-failure to respond or late response

Status date:Mar 15, 1993


Employee:Teresa M Rupp

Goods & Services:Harness; saddlery; saddles; saddletrees; components used in the manufacture of equestrian saddlery, namely trees for saddles, Adjust tree

Owner:D. T. Saddle Tree Makers Limited

ADJUSTONE (trademark) (inactive)

Registration:Oct 18, 1965

State ID:72230459

Reg. number:0825518

Status:900 - expired

Status date:Jun 7, 1987


Goods & Services:Hearing aids

Owner:Nichols & Clark, Inc

ADJUST-O-SPECS (trademark) (inactive)

Registration:Aug 10, 1965

State ID:72225403

Reg. number:0803091

Status:900 - expired

Status date:May 1, 1986


Goods & Services:Devices for correcting loose fitting eyeglasses

Owner:John L. Chaney, Doing Business As Ever-Wear Seal Co

"ADJUSTOMATIC" (trademark) (inactive)

Registration:Jun 22, 1950

State ID:71599548

Reg. number:0552248

Status:900 - expired

Status date:Nov 3, 1992


Goods & Services:1st day of june, 1948, 1st day of june, 1948, Metal scaffolding of tubular type, including accessories and adjunctive scaffolding elements and parts

Owner:Automatic Devices, Inc, 1260 Hodiamont Ave.

ADJUST-O-RIDE (trademark) (inactive)

Registration:Jun 17, 1963

State ID:72171155

Status:900 - expired

Status date:Aug 5, 1984


Goods & Services:Helper springs for automobiles

Owner:Merion Spring Company, 312-316 N. 56Th St.

ADJUSTOMAGIC (trademark) (inactive)

Registration:Aug 1, 1963

State ID:72174228

Reg. number:0769395

Status:900 - expired

Status date:Aug 12, 1984


Goods & Services:Mechanical pipe and tube fittings

Owner:Pittsburgh Nipple Works, Inc, 1435 Spring Garden Ave.

"ADJUSTO-TEMP" (trademark) (inactive)

Registration:Jun 15, 1965

State ID:72221196

Reg. number:0803329

Status:900 - expired

Status date:May 8, 1986


Goods & Services:Mixing and toilet tank valves and valve fittings

Owner:Milwaukee Faucets, Inc


Ashford, United Kingdom

Description:Adjustoform A E Arthur Group - the largest and longest established producer, worldwide, of adjustable forms for dressmaking. Let us help you to identify the form that best suits your needs.