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11 Lewisher Road Troon Ind Area, Leicester, Leicestershire, United Kingdom


Description:07777508 LTD is a Construction company located in 11 LEWISHER ROAD TROON IND AREA, LEICESTER, LEICESTERSHIRE, United Kingdom.

9 Chestnut Grove Boston Spa, Wetherby, W.yorks, United Kingdom


Description:07369347 LTD is a Construction company located in 9 CHESTNUT GROVE BOSTON SPA, WETHERBY, W.YORKS, United Kingdom.

Industry:Real Estate

Description:Are you looking for a house to rent? Or do you want to rent out your own house? In both cases you will find in 072huren the right partner!
072huren, formerly the Rots Vast Groep Alkmaar,...

Specialties:Rental and hiring of housing, Management of housing


Company size:1-10 employees


Description:Founded and managed by a local Ibiza team, 07800 Management is a DJ & Artists Booking and Management Agency. The mix of the team’s international background and local roots makes for an explosive...

Specialties:Deejay Bookings, Artist Management, Marketing and Services, Graphic Design & Video Editing


Company size:1-10 employees

Industry:Computer Hardware

Description:075 Computer Service is het computer servicebedrijf voor de reparatie, installatie en onderhoud van uw computer in de regio Zaanstreek. Wij leveren tevens nieuwe computers en randapparatuur. Middels...

Specialties:Reparatie, Virusverwijdering, Onderhoud, Windows installatie, Versnellen, ...


Company size:Myself Only

Doing business as:0753525 BC LTD

Registration:Jan 3, 1999

Phone:(250) 868-9290, (250) 763-6451 (Fax)

Members (7):Donna Mcateer (Admin)
Brian Miller (Director)
Brian Peterson (Director)
Kelly Rockvam (Director)
Stan Valnicek (Director)

Categories:Skin Care & Treatment

Doing business as:0746328 BC Ltd

Registration:Jan 3, 2006

Phone:(250) 549-1414, (250) 549-3216 (Fax)

Members (3):Keith Lord (President)
Patricia Lord (Director)
Jamie Schwemier (Manager)

Categories:Automobile Repairing & Service, Mufflers & Exhaust Systems-Engine, Brake Service

Industry:Management Consulting

Company size:Myself Only

Doing business as:0746192 Bc Ltd. Dba Wightman/AR Dyck

Registration:Jan 1, 1946

Phone:(250) 762-3122, (250) 860-2570 (Fax)

Members (4):Daina Weninger (General Manager)
Sherry Ringguth (Controller)
Ken Soetaert (Director)
Gerald Weninger-Soetaert (Secretary)

Categories:Heating Contractors, Air Conditioning Contractors, Plumbing Plan Services, Heating Equipment & Systems, Furnaces - Heating

Doing business as:0799782 BC Ltd

Registration:Jan 9, 2007

Phone:(604) 439-9663, (604) 463-9630 (Fax)

Members (3):Avtar Khara (President)
Gope Kamo (Manager)
Bal Parmar (Vice President)

Categories:Floor Coverings & Installation, Hardwood Products, Hardwood Floor Contractors, Moldings, Carpet & Rug Dealers, ...

Doing business as:0746201 BC. Ltd., Neufeld Heating, Kerrisdale Gas

Registration:Jan 2, 2006

Phone:(604) 266-7312, (604) 231-7677 (Fax)

Members (4):Chuck Gandy (Director)
Lynette Laclair (Bookkeeper)
Mary Jean Gandy (President)
Rob Young (Sales Rep)

Categories:Heating Contractors, Ventilation Contractors, Air Conditioning Contractors

Doing business as:0775766 BC Ltd

Registration:Jan 1, 2004

Phone:(250) 862-1574, (250) 769-3782 (Fax)

Members (2):Ron Brewer (Director)
Melody Brewer (Director)

Categories:Contractors-Alteration & Renovation, Windows - Installation/Service, Bathroom Remodelling, Sundecks, Kitchen Remodeling, ...

Doing business as:0733666 BC Ltd

Registration:Jan 2, 2002

Phone:(250) 376-4335, (250) 376-4301 (Fax)

Member:Lyle Melnychuk (President)

Categories:Computer Disaster Planning & Recovery, Computer Service, Repair & Cleaning

Doing business as:0769510 BC Ltd

Registration:Jan 1, 1984

Phone:(250) 492-0100, (250) 492-6262 (Fax)

Members (2):Arron Funk (Service Manger)
Rick Seutes (President)

Categories:Automobile Dealers-New Cars, Automobile Renting

Doing business as:0775026 BC Ltd

Phone:(604) 247-0500

Members (4):Antonio Inducil (Owner)
Charles Inducil (Director)
Cesar Inducil (Director)
Christine Inducil (Director)

Categories:Automobile Repairing & Service

Doing business as:0736751 BC Ltd

Registration:Apr 10, 2005

Phone:(604) 270-7750, (604) 270-7214 (Fax)

Members (2):Tomasz Gara (President)
Stephan Wooton (Sales Rep.)

Categories:Floor Coverings & Installation, Floor Materials

Doing business as:0748021 BC Ltd

Registration:Jan 8, 2005

Phone:(877) 813-5464

Member:James Rogers (President)

Categories:Automobile Body Repair & Painting

Doing business as:0750152 BC Ltd

Registration:Jan 5, 2001

Phone:(604) 833-2479, (604) 730-7461 (Fax)

Member:Seth Mennie (Director)

Categories:Tree Service, Landscape Contractors, Arborist, Stump Grinding

Doing business as:0763026 BC Ltd

Registration:Jan 9, 2006

Phone:(604) 951-8473, (877) 768-4760 (Fax)

Members (2):Khuzaima Adamjee (President)
Amtulla Adamjee (Director)

Categories:Tire Dealers & Distrs

Doing business as:0776224 BC Ltd

Registration:Apr 12, 2006

Phone:(778) 340-4002, (877) 737-1847 (Fax)

Member:Peter Temple (Owner)

Categories:Credit & Debt Consolidation Services, Financial Consultants - No License Required

Doing business as:Pools Ponds & Waterscapes

Registration:Jan 6, 2002

Phone:(250) 260-0793, (250) 260-1349 (Fax)

Member:Lee Kazmar (Owner)

Categories:Swimming Pool Contractors, Dealers, Design

Doing business as:0779138 BC Ltd, Pest Detective - Burnaby, Pest Detective - Richmond, Pest Detective - New West

Registration:May 1, 2007

Phone:(604) 685-3377, (604) 985-7378 (Fax)

Member:Kelly Wright (President)

Categories:Pest Control-Exterminating & Fumigating

Doing business as:0766427 B.C. Ltd

Registration:Jun 4, 1990

Phone:(250) 248-5959

Members (2):Wayne Bowles
Holly Bowles

Categories:Windows & Doors - Installation & Service, Windows - Vinyl, Screens - Windows, Screens-Door & Window, Vinyl Doors, ...

Doing business as:0780071 BC Ltd

Registration:Oct 4, 2001

Phone:(250) 763-9977, (250) 763-9974 (Fax)

Member:Justin Burgess (Owner)

Categories:License & Registry Services, Legal Services Plans, Title Service

Doing business as:0747060 BC Ltd

Registration:Sep 1, 1998

Phone:(250) 477-2757, (250) 477-2756 (Fax)

Members (2):Aaron Plumb
Barry Plumb (Owner)

Categories:Contractors-General, Construction & Remodeling Services, Kitchen Remodeling, Bathroom Remodeling, Decks, ...

Doing business as:0793515 B.C. LTD

Registration:Jan 3, 2008

Phone:(800) 495-1287, (604) 323-1811 (Fax)

Member:Danny Takhar (President)

Categories:Automobile Brokers, Telemarketing, Advertising - Internet

Doing business as:0767579 BC LTD

Registration:Jan 12, 2006

Phone:(604) 759-2244

Member:Tom Tran (President)

Categories:Automobile Dealers-Used Cars

Doing business as:0734635 BC LTD

Registration:Jan 1, 1957

Phone:(604) 879-6841

Members (2):Azaad Esmail (President)
Jasmin Ngan (Accountant)

Categories:Transmissions-Automotive, Bearings, Automobile Repairing & Service, Clutches

Doing business as:0750299 BC Ltd

Registration:Jan 4, 2006

Phone:(604) 591-8322, (604) 591-2574 (Fax)

Member:Dale Carpenter (President)

Categories:Automobile Repairing & Service

Doing business as:0750253 BC Ltd

Registration:Jan 1, 2000

Phone:(250) 377-3800, (250) 377-3225 (Fax)

Members (2):Sean Turner (GM/Owner)
Douglas Beckman (Director)

Categories:Automobile Dealers-New Cars, Automobile Dealers-Used Cars

Doing business as:0772163 BC Ltd

Registration:Jul 10, 2005

Phone:(604) 541-4121, (604) 541-4121 (Fax)

Members (2):Andrew Kovacs (Secretary)
Zoltan Czegledi (President)

Categories:Concrete Contractors, Concrete Repair & Restoration

Doing business as:0767043 BC Ltd

Registration:Jan 3, 2005

Phone:(250) 729-1607, (250) 753-0053 (Fax)

Member:Chris Bragg (President)

Categories:Construction & Remodeling Services

Doing business as:0797222 BC Limited,

Registration:Nov 1, 2007

Phone:(250) 475-0105, (250) 475-0173 (Fax)

Member:Chrystal Rozander (President)

Categories:Lighting Fixtures-Retail

Doing business as:0770238 BC Ltd

Phone:(778) 475-5981

Members (2):Peter Meijer (Owner)
Debbie Hanna (Manager)


Doing business as:0730202 BC Ltd

Registration:Jan 1, 2001

Phone:(250) 376-9808

Members (3):Russell Bosa (Director)
Judy Bosa (Director)
Nathan Bosa (Co-Owner)

Categories:Roofing Contractors

Doing business as:0743920 BC Ltd

Phone:(604) 421-2818, (604) 469-9801 (Fax)

Members (2):Gail Gillies (Director)
Douglas Gillies (Director)

Categories:Water Heaters-Repairing, Water Heaters-Dealers, Plumbing Fixtures & Supplies-Retail

Doing business as:0743921 B.C

Phone:(888) 518-1637

Member:Greg Johnson (President)

Categories:Automobile Listing Service

Doing business as:0799861 BC Ltd

Phone:(604) 931-3330

Member:Jamie Kiffiak (President)

Categories:Pest Control-Exterminating & Fumigating, Bed Bug Removal

Doing business as:0787264 BC Ltd

Registration:Jan 4, 2002

Phone:(604) 997-0866, (604) 792-6778 (Fax)

Member:Darryl Sandy (Owner)


Doing business as:0777277 BC Ltd

Registration:Dec 1, 1976

Phone:(250) 220-3718 (Fax)

Member:Paul Lacasse (Owners)

Categories:Kennels, Pet Grooming

Doing business as:0757075 B.C Ltd

Registration:Jan 12, 2006

Phone:(604) 540-7400, (604) 540-7422 (Fax)

Members (2):Bryan Dunlop (Director)
Ron Verrier

Categories:Real Estate

Doing business as:0730780 BC Ltd, New Era Construction

Registration:Jan 7, 1993

Phone:(604) 922-7734

Member:Charmaine Alam (President)

Categories:Contractors-General, Landscape Contractors

Doing business as:0767954 B.C. Ltd

Phone:(604) 942-5737, (604) 942-3140 (Fax)

Members (2):Khaing Nyo (Director)
Alfred Nyo (Director)


Doing business as:0791068 BC Ltd

Phone:(604) 266-4527, (604) 266-4528 (Fax)

Members (2):Simone Greaves (Director)
Cameron Greaves (President)

Categories:Caterers, Restaurants

Doing business as:0792369 BC Ltd

Registration:Jan 6, 2007

Phone:(604) 798-0466, (604) 869-9293 (Fax)

Members (2):Karen Bennett (President)
Ronald Bennett (Vice President)

Categories:Blinds, Shutters, Window Shades-Retail, Draperies & Curtains-Retail & Custom Made, Window Coverings-Accessories

Doing business as:0735284 BC LTD

Registration:Apr 1, 1994

Phone:(604) 793-3894, (604) 823-6396 (Fax)

Members (2):Marcus Wijk (President)
Nicole Wijk (Vice President)

Categories:Security Systems

Doing business as:0778213 BC Ltd

Registration:Oct 9, 2007

Phone:(604) 434-9076, (604) 434-9076 (Fax)

Member:Robbin Leech (Owner)

Categories:Security Guard & Patrol Service

Doing business as:0760911 BC Ltd

Registration:Apr 1, 1973

Phone:(250) 656-3422, (250) 656-3402 (Fax)

Members (2):Wendy Deth (Office Manager)
Arthur Deth (Owner)

Categories:Appliances-Small-Service & Repair

Doing business as:0774746 BC LTD

Registration:Jan 1, 2007

Phone:(604) 581-5148, (604) 596-0540 (Fax)

Member:Dave Mclean (President, Owner)


Doing business as:0788432 B.C. Ltd

Registration:Jan 6, 2011

Phone:(250) 767-6615

Members (2):Laurie Kouwenhoven (Office Manager)
Frank Kouwenhoven (Owner)

Categories:Automobile Repairing & Service

Doing business as:0759582 BC Ltd

Phone:(604) 870-8777, (604) 870-8894 (Fax)

Member:Bruce Nice (President)

Categories:Computer Service, Repair & Cleaning, Web Design, Computers-Network Security, Computers Training & Instruction, ...

Doing business as:0763752 BC Ltd

Registration:Jan 1, 2001

Phone:(778) 322-4907, (604) 988-6791 (Fax)

Member:Gary Beaulieu (President)


Doing business as:0759093 BC Ltd

Phone:(604) 857-0101, (604) 857-0101 (Fax)

Members (2):Ed Hogrebe (Director)
Jennifer Hogrebe (Director)

Categories:Insulation Contractors

Doing business as:0788459 BC Ltd

Phone:(604) 727-3399, (604) 534-9981 (Fax)

Member:Gurjit Dulai (President)

Categories:Heating Contractors, Furnaces - Heating, Heat Pumps

Doing business as:0743643 bc ltd

Phone:(250) 392-3242

Member:Ben Peterson

Categories:Automobile Repair & Service-Equipment & Supplies

Doing business as:0770734 BC Ltd

Phone:(250) 732-4798

Member:Rob Shanahan (Owner)

Categories:Roofing Contractors

Doing business as:0770262 BC Ltd

Phone:(604) 755-6060

Members (2):Vimal Hardat (Manager)
Sukhjeevin Hardat (President)

Categories:Optical Goods-Retail, Sunglasses, Optical Goods, Opticians-Dispensing

Doing business as:0794976 BC Ltd

Phone:(778) 753-5786 (Fax)

Members (2):David Mills (President/Director)
Lisa Chudley (President/Director)

Categories:Automobile Dealers-Used Cars

Doing business as:0797313 BC Ltd

Phone:(250) 352-5400

Member:Melodie Carr (Owner)

Categories:Building Materials

Doing business as:0797975 BC Ltd

Phone:(604) 532-2004, (604) 532-2064 (Fax)

Members (3):Savina Bhullar (President)
Bhupinder Bilin (Director)
Reet Chahal (Director)

Categories:Hair Removal - Laser & Electrolysis, Day Spas, Skin Care & Treatment, Beauty Salons




Description:0.7734 helps define and realise your entire digital philosophy. From branding to user experience, from digital concept to information architecture. Combining unique design with strong...

Specialties:Digital, Branding, Strategy, Planning, Development


Company size:Myself Only

Industry:Apparel & Fashion

Description:The Swimwear Company 0.7by MildaK is creating the classic minimalistic pieces , by using the most luxurious and advanced fabrics .
The key elements – is attention to details and the quality as mu...

Specialties:Swimwear, Beachwear


Company size:1-10 employees

Industry:Information Technology and Services

Description:ICT solutions for small and midsize companies, allround ICT solutions, projectmanagement, automation of administrationtasks, monitoring, hosted solutions.
Our goal is to increase the...



Company size:1-10 employees


Member:Griffin Global Consulting, Llc (Mmember, inactive)